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€ 2.95

Sizmic - Toad 4,25" - Delta Baby Boom

Sizmic - Toad 4,25"

Uncle Josh has always been known for their great pork products, now, they will be known for their great soft plastic baits as well. The Sizmic Toad will produce ‘Earth Shattering Action' according to the manufacturer, but one thing's for sure, this Toad will tear up the surface of the water. The Sizmic Toad features swimbait style paddle legs that will vibrate and churn across the surface and a thick, tough body that will hold a hook even when you're dragging the Sizmic Toad through the rough stuff. Rig the Sizmic Toad with a extra wide gap hook, cast it out on a moss mat, in the pads, or on the grass and start cranking it back. The swimming legs will attract attention and when you stop the bait it will slowly sink giving any following bass a chance to tear into it.

Aantal: 1 stuk
Lengte: 11cm(4,25inch)
kleine kikkers streetfishing kunstaas shads toads weedless wierloos

- € 2.95

- €1.95

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