Westin - Slim Teez PT 13cm - 6pc - Fireflake

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This deadly little bugger looks like a baitfish, swims like a baitfish and even smells like a baitfish. Small wonder it gets jumped on by all kinds of fish from perch to bass to sea bass - especially on those days when the fish are playing hard to get.

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EAN 5707549330852
Merk Westin
Lengte 13cm
Gewicht 5gr
Aantal 6pc
Kleur Swatch Fireflake

With its soft, flexible tail movement and deep, turbulence-creating body cuts, it can be fished any which way you choose - with subtle movements in midwater, flicked around bottom structures, dropshot, jig style or Texas/Carolina rig. Draw them in with its panicky movements and when they get a whiff of that amazing fishy smell...hold onto your rod!

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