Westin - Slim Teez 15cm - 5pc - Bass Orange

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The turbulence cut body design results in four "cuts" in the back part of the body. Not only do they create turbulence to attract predators. When fished with subtle movements they result in improved flexibility and a discrete tail action that will result in bites on days when big fish are impossible to catch on other lures. Two rattle sticks included.

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EAN 5707549310786
Merk Westin
Lengte 15cm
Gewicht 10gr
Aantal 5pc

Vertical jigging in mid water is a method sweeping across Europe and gaining reputation as one of the best ways of pursuing monster size zanders. On days when the largest fish are extremely picky and hard to catch Westin SlimTeez is the perfect choice. It can be fished with very subtle movements in mid water or as a traditional vertical jigging lure near bottom structures. 

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