Madcat - Smart Alarm Set - 3+1 Rood + Groen + Geel

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Deze betrouwbare beetmelder is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het meervalvissen. Hij werkt met een bewegingssensor, waardoor hij ideaal is voor het vissen met het boeiensysteem, of of wanneer je graag op de bodem vist met onderwaterdobbers. Met instelbare gevoeligheid en een gegarandeert bereik van 100 meter. Opvallend eenvoudig in gebruik!

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With a big, easy to reach, on/off button. As soon as the alarm is turned on, it will automatically determine the angle it is under, after which you can adjust the sensitivity by pressing the S-buttons. S- means “sensitivity down” and S+ means “sensitivity up”, from hyper-sensitive to very insensitive, in 5 steps. Same for the volume buttons: Vstands for “volume down” and V+ means “volume up”, from very quiet to very loud, also in 5 steps.

So simple! No need to study and remember a complicated user manual. And, after having set the hook, the alarm can be switched off by a simple press on the on/off button. Performs under the harshest conditions, like wind, frost and heat. Because of a sealed circuit board, the alarms will not be affected by fog or rain. A white LED on the top of the alarm will light up the rod for 10 seconds every time the alarm goes off. A rubber strap makes that these alarms will fit on practically every rod and… keeps it in position, even when striking. The receiver responds 1:1 the same as the alarm, without any delay.

On the receiver the sound can be muted by one press on the mute button. Another button activates (or turns off) the vibration function. Of course, the volume is also adjustable (in 5 steps). The alarms and the receiver operate with two normal AAA 1.5V batteries. Extremely low battery consumption. CE-approved, so meeting all the legal requirements of EU law. The sets come in a protective case and two spare rubber straps, a screwdriver and five spare screws are included.

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