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€ 43.90

ERC - Hell Hound 8" - 2pc - Mixed

ERC - Hell Hound 8"

The ERC Hellhound is a glide bait. They way to use it is to get a rythem gentle pulls and the bait will walk the dog under the water. It will zig and zag all the way to the boat and is extremly easy on the arms and you can cast it a mile.

Also if you give it a long pause it will start to fall and wobble back and forth great for a slow follower, do that then snap it really quick almost an instant hookup. DON'T give up on this bait try this. You will love the bait once you figure it out.

Deze set bestaat uit 2 willekeurige kleuren!

Aantal: 2
Lengte: 20cm(8inch)
Gewicht: 105gr

kunstaas pluggen snoek jerkbaits baits groot grote

- € 43.90

- €25.00

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